Admission Procedures

Code of Conduct for Students

  • Use of Mobiles: Carrying and use of cell phones on the campus (including library) is strictly prohibited. On the violation of this rule, the cell phones are seized and will not be returned.

  • Identify Card: All students should wear I.D cards on all working days even during special classes conducted on working days other than Sundays and public holidays.

  • Uniform: Except on public holidays and annual day celebrations, all students must attend the classes in uniform. Wearing of Jeans Pants and T-shirts is prohibited.

  • Attendance: Students who remain absent for all classes on any particular day must produce the leave note duly signed by parents/guardian before attending the classes next day. In case any student is absent for more than one day, along with leave letter signed by parents/guardian, he or she would obtain the permission of the Principal before attending the classes.

  • Attendance for examinations: Attendance is compulsory for all the examinations. Unless there is genuine reason no student is allowed to remain absent. He or she is permitted to take the re-examination only on the payment of Rs. 100 per subject. However such re-examinations will not be conducted for the students who absent themselves without prior permission from the principal.

  • Condo nation of Attendance: Those students who take part in inter-collegiate competitions/programs approved by the Principal are given attendance for the classes lost.

  • Admissions: Presence of parents is compulsory at the time of admission. Guardians can be present only if the parents are not alive.

  • Parent-Teacher Meetings: It is mandatory on the part of the parents to attend these meetings without fail. Only when the parents are not alive, guardians can attend these meetings.



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